Honey Bee Nutrition and Feeding

Honey Bee Nutrition and Feeding

Honey Bee Nutrition and Feeding
 In Temperate/Continental Climate of the Northern Hemisphere

Zbigniew Lipinski

This book provides a general description of honey bee nutrition in temperate regions of the northern hemisphere. The text is based on a substantial body of contemporary research taken from the subject literature (over 1300 references) and the author’s own experience gathered over 40 years of working with bees. Chapters, which have many subdivisions, include:

  • Macronutrients of Bee Foods     
  • Water                                                                                                  
  • Micronutrients of Bee Foods  
  • General View on Honeybee Alimentary Tract                         
  • The Fat Body                                                                                       
  • Malpighi Tubules                                                                    
  • Shortage of foods in the honey bee colony                                       
  • Complementary Feeding of Honeybee Colonies
  • References 

The first bees appeared on Earth about 140-220 million years ago as part of the long term evolution of wasps. These first bees fed on nectar/honeydew, small animals, including insects, spiders and fungal spores; then slowly switched to feeding on plant pollen.

Today, knowledge of honeybee nutrition is still disproportionately small compared to that of other farm animals. This radical new book on bee nutrition tries to rectify that omission and is essential reading for all those who want healthy and vigorous bees.

This will become an essential text book for both beekeepers and students, whilst provoking discussion and perhaps further research from scientists.

The book has been funded by the Eva Crane Trust and the Author is employed by the Polish Academy of Sciences in Olsztyn, Poland.

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