Grant Recipients

Grant Recipients



Latest news on Grants awarded by the Eva Crane Trust.

The Eva Crane Trust is currently supporting over 22 bee related projects around the world. These range from the toxicology laboratories of UFERSA – Universidade Federal Rural do Semi-Árido in Brazil to the Philippines where a decline in wild honey production is being assessed. There are also projects ranging from investigating pollinator activity in the floral rich landscape of South Africa to the creation of a pollen reference collection in Western Ireland.

Our latest funding has been allocated to :

Dr Ignasi Bartomeus at the Estación Biológica de Doñana (EBD-CSIC), Spain
Prof Dave Goulson at Sussex University, UK
Museum of English Rural Life/Special Collections Service, University of Reading, U.K.
Dr Dane Ward, at Drexel University, U.S.A.
Dr A Verghese at the Keystone Foundation, India

Gold Sponsor of the 8th Eurbee conference in Ghent, Belgium.