MAKHAD - Beekeeping Training Course

MAKHAD - Beekeeping Training Course


Beekeeping Training Course
sponsored by the Eva Crane Trust

The Eva Crane Trust is delighted to continue their support to the Makhad Trust for another 2 years. Here is the latest update on the Bedouin Beekeepers in the Sinai Mountains by the Project Manager Helen Cranston.


Above left: Mohamed’s bees and hives in Farsh Rumana in the central mountain area.  Above right: Hosnee’s Bees and hives at the top end of Wadi Itlah


 All the 2016 - 2017 Course trainee beekeepers now have 10 hives of bees each in their own gardens. Mahmoud and I went to visit all of them and see how they are getting on with their bees.  Salem, their teacher, is monitoring them all closely and is happy with the standard of expertise.  Most of them, including Salem have bees in the mountains.  We saw Hussein’s and Mohamed’s bees first in Farsh  Rumana which is about 3 hours walk from St Katherines. We visited Sulieman’s bees in Wadi Buleia close to his brother Salem’s bees, Hosnee’s bees at the top of Wadi Itlah where his family have a beautiful garden, Salem who has a garden up behind Fox Camp and Ahmed whose bees are about to move from St Katherine’s up to his father Oda’s garden in Wadi Shaq.  When we walked up Wadi Gibal on our way to see Salem in Wadi Buleia we heard the bees busily buzzing from some distance away.  They will all be feasting on the desert flowering herbs so they honey should be wonderful.  The first  of two crops of honey should be ready by July.


Above left, Ahmed’s Bees and hives in St Katherine’s before moving them up to the mountains.  Above right: Salem’s bees and hives in Wadi Shreesh behind Fox Camp, St Katherine’s

Helen Cranston
Makhad Project Manager