Update on Dr Gruber's Project in Cameroon

Update on Dr Gruber's Project in Cameroon

Beekeeping in Cameroon

As Dr Martin Gruber continues his anthropological research on beekeeping and the role of honey in the Adamaoua Region of Cameroon, we share his latest ‘Ethnofilms’. These are an interesting record of traditional beekeeping as well as an informative interview with Prof. Dr. Tchuenguem Fohouo at University of Ngaoundere. This work is being supported by University of Bremen and the Eva Crane Trust.

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On Bee Research in Cameroon

Bee biologist Prof. Dr. Fernand-Nestor Tchuenguem Fohouo of the University of Ngaoundéré was interviewed about his work with Apis mellifera adansonii in February 2017.


On Sustainable Beekeeping

Traditional beehives in the Adamaoua Region of Cameroon are manufactured from palm leaves and grass. The conical hives are positioned horizontally in trees where a swarm of bees may populate the hive spontaneously in its search for a new home.
This film shows how to make the hive's entrance on the far end of the basis so the bees will store the honey close to the lid. In this way, the beekeepers can collect the honey without destroying the colony, allowing a much more bee-friendla and sustainable way of beekeeping. https://vimeo.com/238070235


On honey hunting from ground nest

This short film documents honey hunting from a colony of honey bees living in a hole in the ground in the Adamaoua Region of Cameroon. https://vimeo.com/238761231

Martin Gruber and Dorothea  Bruckner
University of Bremen