Svenska Bin and the network Pollinate Sweden

Svenska Bin and the network Pollinate Sweden

"Our friends the Pollinators”
Celebrating Pollination Week in Sweden
May, 2018

Thanks to donations from Eva Crane Trust, Svenska Bin and the network Pollinate Sweden were able to create, produce and distribute a campaign with printed material called "Our friends the Pollinators” which was put together from wonderfully accurate paintings of our most common Swedish pollinators, made by illustrator Aron Landahl.


The campaign was launched before and during the Pollination Week 19th–27th of May and was very popular. It was sold in the shops of our most famous parks by Swedish Society of Public Parks & Gardens, at the Historical museum, in food courts and the Nature Preservation Association even ordered a special edition in 10.000 copies.


The campaign was a spearhead in our communication and appreciated for its design and provided a good tool of educating Swedes about pollinators and the plants they need to survive.

Lotta Fabricius Kristiansen
Apinordica AB