Research Update from Denise Matias

Research Update from Denise Matias

Denise Matias continues her research with the Tagbanua Wild Honey Community. 


Denise Matias continues her valuable research with the Honey hunters and gathers of the Philippines (http://www.evDenise Mathias et al, . At a recent conference Denise and her colleagues presented a poster titled,

Decoding Fairness in the Value Chain of the Tagbanua Wild Honey Community Forestry Enterprise

Her research traces the value chain of wild honey enterprises, looks at the effect on Forest conservation, livelihoods and cultural preservation and in conclusion seeks an alternative development pathway: 

    ‘The traditional pathway, under the context of minimal population pressure and non-market exploitation, can pave the way for a niche market which can ensure a premium price for wild honey. This could provide the same amount of income for fewer honeycombs, thereby avoiding overharvesting’. 

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We wish Denise and her fellow researchers every success in their continuing work.

Denise Margaret Matias
ZEF - Center for Development Research
Bonn, Germany