BeeBiome Data Portal

BeeBiome Data Portal

Funding from the Eva Crane Trust for the BeeBiome Data Portal.

We are delighted to announce that the BeeBiome Consortium has just received funding from the Eva Crane Trust for the development of a new tool, the web-based BeeBiome Data Portal, a resource for scientists and the general public on bee-associated microbes/viruses.

The objectives of this tool will be:

  1. Inform about the diversity of bee-associated microbes and viruses and their impact on bee health.
  2. Provide a standardized terminology and taxonomy of all known microbes by systematically cataloguing them, indicating reference strains and reference sequences.
  3. Provide a comprehensive catalogue of all currently available sequence datasets about bee-associated microbes and virus (including amplicon sequencing, RNAseq, shotgun metagenomics datasets) and link relevant metadata.
  4. Provide a standardised procedure to upload new sequence datasets via an entry mask dedicated to bee microbiome datasets (i.e. standardised ontology and metadata to ensure transparency and allow for cross-study analysis).
  5. Serve as an entry point for assessing data and offering simple tools for data mining and visualisation.

The BeeBiome Data Portal is coordinated by Benjamin Dainat & Philipp Engel and will start soon in 2019.

Congratulations to everyone involved and we wish you every success with this exciting new project!