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Apart from her authoritative and well-researched books, Eva Crane wrote many articles and texts for lectures. Some documents from this collection can be accessed below and more are being continually added. For a full list of these documents and texts please see the PUBLICATIONS INDEX.

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Featured Documents

Document Title Document Number PDF
Apis species of tropical Asia as pollinators ECTD_233 View Document
Prevention and treatment of diseases and pests of honey bees: the world picture ECTD_289 View Document
Owen Thomas, a Denbighshire beekeeper and skepmaker in the eighteenth century ECTD_228 View Document
Beekeeping with Apis florea in the Indus basin and some other areas ECTD_269 View Document
Wieviel Honig bringt ein Hektar? ECTD_010 View Document
A beekeeping visit to the Soviet Union ECTD_041(i) View Document
A beekeeping visit to the Soviet Union (pictorial supplement) ECTD_041(ii) View Document